The Thoughts of Chairman Jim / The Woodland Hunters

His name was Jim. He lived in a cul de sac just off the end of our unshaded Footscray street. Most afternoons you’d see him on the ramshackle porch, JD and Coke in one hand, spliff in the other, smiling at some cosmic joke only he got. Some nights he’d be roaming his front yard, spitting trippy monologues and looking for all the world like Dennis Hopper on the banks of Colonel Kurtz’s outpost in ‘Apocalypse Now’. Minus the pants.

Crazy? Maybe, but the thing was Jim always had interesting ideas about how the world works, who runs the game, and what it meant for us working stiffs. The Dark Web. Deep State. Druid Stones. Illuminati. Of course, we used to dismiss him as just one more damaged conspiracy theorist looking for a dark hand at work amongst the random chaos and brutality. Now, given the unrelenting global weirdness that surrounds us, we’re not so sure he didn’t have his tobacco stained finger on some kind of faint but strangely viable pulse…

The album

The Thoughts of Chairman Jim is the new album from Melbourne’s The Woodland Hunters. If it has a theme it’d be ‘what exactly is this weird shit we’re living through right now?’ The album was recorded over several months in 2018 at Yikesville, with Shane O’Mara producing. The ten tracks cover a diverse territory of sounds and themes, but all rooted in the band’s love of guitars, organic sounds and fuzz boxes. We mostly just followed the songs down whatever rabbit hole they chose, and enjoyed the ride. In fact, recording this album was the most fun we’ve ever had in a studio.

The first track released from The Thoughts of Chairman Jim is ‘Dead Cities’.

The Thoughts of Chairman Jim is available in vinyl, CD and digital formats, with bonus tracks available with each format.

The band

The Woodland Hunters are a guitar band from Melbourne, Australia. Two members also play in flower punk outfit The Sand Pebbles. They have released an EP So Far to Travel, So Far to Go in 2015, their debut album Let’s Fall Apart in 2016 and launched their latest album The Thoughts of Chairman Jim in early 2019. All recordings have been produced by Shane O’Mara at his legendary Yikesville studio.

  • 3MDR’s Sebastian Gerber says of Chairman Jim: ‘The Woodland Hunters have just quietly made the album of the year. With dense layers of sound and world-class musicianship immaculately produced by Shane O’Mara, the band turns on a dime around twists of psych, blues, twang and gritty rock’n’roll riffage without missing a beat…’
  • Rhythms’ Jeff Jenkins calls Jim ‘an impressive second album’ noting ‘Tanner’s sweet vocals soar above the ragged riffs’
  • Twin Cities FM presenter Duncan Smith says Chairman Jim is ‘another bolt of ballsy brilliance’.
  • ‘Let’s Fall Apart’ was voted into ‘The Top 10 Australian Albums of 2017’ 3RRR Off The Record listeners poll and ‘Best Australian Albums 2017’ for Basement Discs end of year selections.
  • Skull Cave’s Stephen Walker said of the 2015 EP “The cream of the crop of new releases… this album is just terrific, I’ve played it over and over”

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“the best way I can describe their sound is ‘ragged glory'”

Jeff Jenkins (774, RRR)

“the cream of the crop of new releases… this album is just terrific, I’ve played it over and over”

Stephen Walker (Skull Cave)

“‘Apes Making Plans’ reminds me of The Meters…and that’s a good thing”

Brian Wise (Off The Record RRR)