Melbourne launch of The Thoughts of Chairman Jim at Northcote Social Club

A Dr John sez ‘Such a night!’ We had a great time at the Melbourne launch of The Thoughts of Chairman Jim at Northcote Social Club, joined by stellar guest artists Cat Canteri and The Lisa Miller Experience. Celloist and vocalist Gareth Skinner and the album producer Shane O’Mara also hopped on stage to help us bring the new songs to loud’n’sweaty life. Thanks to all who came down to help us get the Chairman Jim Rolling Tour underway.

Dead Cities

The lead off track from the forthcoming album The Thoughts of Chairman Jim. Inspired by random thoughts on a road trip, and a love of deep space. Directed by Adam White.

New album nearly done

Tis the winter of our discontent? Sorry Will Shakespeare, but we’ve actually been having a ball putting the finishing touches to our forthcoming second album – working out cover ideas, letting Roscoe loose to nail a few final scorching lead breaks, shoving Leroy armed with shakers and tambourines in front of a mic, and convincing O’Mara to pick up a guitar and join in on the odd track!

We’re looking to release before the end of the year, but stay tuned for some exciting news (key words – vinyl, pre-release, unreleased tracks!)

Reel experiments

We spent a curiously interesting morning at Sing Sing recently with producer Shane O’Mara and studio boss Kaj Dahlstrom fiddling with assorted reel-to-reel tape machines in pursuit of an old school flanging effect for one of our new tracks. There was much hi-fiving when we finally heard the result – a very respectable albeit slightly unhinged 60’s sounding middle eight that will hopefully blow a few minds…

New guitar

After a musical lifetime of religiously sticking to Fender guitars (his trusty ’72 Tele and a 60’s reissue Jazzmaster), Tanner has relented after falling in love with the rowdy humbuckin’ Gibson SG sound during recording sessions for the new album. He’s now the proud owner of a rare kinda wood- grained, kinda sunburst model that’s positively, brutally rocking. Prepare to be shaken, and stirred!